Keeping Your Husband Interested and Committed – Prevent Your Marriage from Falling Apart

Do you want to make your man mesmerize and in-love with you for the rest of his life? Marriage is hard to keep and wives always want to create a long lasting marriage but unfortunately, most women lack the knowledge on how to keep a man committed and interested.  The following tips can be very helpful in keeping your husband interested.

Understand that it requires some work to keep your husband interested.  If you have a career, tired at home or at work, these are not excuses in ignoring your commitment as a wife. To keep a along lasting marriage it requires some work even if you are already tired with other things. You put time and effort to your professional career and social life, why not do the same to your husband?  Giving time and dedication to your role as a wife is important in keeping your husband interested and committed to the marriage.

Understand that you are responsible for your own happiness. If your husband feels pressured to keep you happy, he may get tired; get cold or walk away to avoid the pressure. It is a hard job to make someone happy so avoid pressuring your husband. He may increase your happiness but do not expect your husband to give you the happiness you need because you are responsible for your own happiness. Keeping your husband interested is easier when there is less pressure in the relationship.

Care more about his feelings. In a marriage it is not always who is right and wrong. Considerations on his feelings, listening and understanding him are all important in keeping your husband interested. Men seem tough but they also have feelings and you have to be sensitive to their feelings. If you have hurt his feelings, do not be afraid to say sorry and seek forgiveness. Care more about his feelings if you want to keep him interested and committed.

Express your love and admiration.  It is important to express your love and admiration to your husband not only in words but also in action. Let him know that he is the most important person in your life because you love him. Always remind him how much you admire him.

Stay attractive and beautiful.  It is a responsibility of women to take care of themselves and stay attractive. Take care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. Learn how to manage stress and try to be in good shape. Men are visual and in keeping your husband interested, you must stay attractive and exciting like the first time he fell in-love with you.

Be supportive. It is important that you are supportive of his work, hobbies, interests and everything that are important to him. Although you know nothing about his job or hobbies, be there to support him. If he needs someone to be with him on social functions in his job, be there for him. If he talks about his passion, interests and hobbies; listen and be supportive.

Keeping your husband interested and committed needs some work because a lasting marriage is something that does not happen overnight.  It is a process and it takes time and dedication to create a long lasting marriage.

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