Women Calling Men: How Calling Men Can Make or Break a Relationship

When to call him? Women calling men is still a big deal for a lot of women, because women are made to believe that men should make the first move especially if you are just in the dating stage. You are also afraid that you will push him away if you are too aggressive. Should you call or wait for him to call you?

Women are often confused when to call after a date. They are afraid to be labeled as ‘easy to get’ or ‘flirts’ especially when they are really interested with the man they are dating. They are afraid that there are consequences in calling or not calling him. Women calling men is really a big risk; it could make or break a relationship.

You have to carefully think when to call men. Women calling men usually think that they are always allowed to call men anytime they want. Some women even call men ridiculously several times each day without realizing the effects of her calls.

Women calling men, is not just a simple thing. Your call matters and may affect your relationship with any man you are dating. It can create a good relationship or break a new relationship beginning to blossom. Women calling men after a date is quite risky. If you call at the right time, you may strengthen the bonding and may expect more dates in the future but if you called at the wrong time, you just blew away a relationship that is beginning to flourish. You should know when and when not to call him.

Knowing when to call at right time is really hard, you have to know how a man’s mind works. Getting to know him more and observing how he thinks will give you some hints on when and when not to call him.

Women calling men may end a relationship even in its early stage. You can push away men with your actions if men feel that they are being invaded this early. If you are the one who always initiate the first call, you are putting yourself in a not so good position. Women calling men first all the time are sending negative messages to him and may turn him off. But if you know how to handle calls it will help you make your man wants you more.

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