Stay Married and Avoid Divorce- What Couples Should Know

It is sad that divorce is such a common thing now in this modern generation. It seems that marriage becomes disposable when the going gets tough and divorce becomes a solution to get out of troubled marriage. While divorce could work for some couples, it is a known fact that having a divorce is not only financially draining; it is also emotionally depressing to the couples and the children. Why it is best to stay married and avoid divorce? Keep reading and know the reasons why.

You are being true to your commitment and vows if  you will stay married and avoid divorce. Couples made a commitment to stay together till death and through thick and thin. Maybe now that you are experiencing difficulties in your marriage, you realized that the vows you promised on your wedding ceremony are really hard to keep and staying married is really difficult.  It might be interesting for you to know that there are studies that people who choose to resolve the problems in their marriage and stayed married are happier and lives longer. Being true to your commitment despite the difficulties and choosing to save your marriage is an opportunity to lead a happier life and relationship.

It is important to stay married and avoid divorce to build a home, family and strong community with your children. Raising your kids on your own is not easy. Parents can raise better kids if they are together as couples. It is a fact that children of divorced parents are more difficult to handle than those children from intact families. Due to the changes and inconsistencies in their lives after the divorce of their parents, their lives become harder and some drop out of school, get entangled with drugs or alcohol problems and develops unpleasant behaviors. The family is an essential and basic social unit of the community. The family is the most important institution and children need a family to survive. We can build a good nation if the children are raised with the father and mother living together as couples. While couples need to take care of each other, they also need to take care of the entire marriage including the children or the family. When marriages are doing well, the families will also do well and so do the communities in this world. When the smallest unit of the community, which is the family, is doing well, it follows that couples are building a strong and progressive community.

Divorce is financially draining. One reason to stay married and avoid divorce is to stay financially stable with your spouse. It is easier to attain financial stability when you are married than when you are divorced. Divorce is really expensive and after the divorce is finalized, you will find yourself in financial mess. The divorce lawyer’s fees, child support if you are the higher earner spouse could leave you financially challenged and you are on your way to bankruptcy if you do not know how to handle the financial aspect of getting divorced.  If you are the low earner or non-working spouse, you need to find a job at once to rebuild your life or accept to live a low standard of living.

Starting a relationship all over again is not that easy. Chances are if you are divorced, you will meet people who are also divorced. Although marrying again could work for some people, it does not mean it is easy. If you will end up with another divorced person, he or she comes with the same baggage as you are like children, financial mess, feeling of being a failure, fear of starting over again etc. You think life with your first marriage is complicated and problematic? Have you thought of how hard it is to be a step dad or step mom? How about dealing with the issues of new spouse’s ex-wife or ex-husband and their kids? Plus of course you have to deal with the feelings of your own kids about you dating again and finding a potential spouse again. Would it be easier to stay married and avoid divorce and work on your marital problems to save your marriage? The thing is, life becomes more complicated after divorce.

Divorce has its ugly side, would it be easier to stay married with the same man or woman you promised to be with for the rest of your life than suffer the ugly side of divorce?  If your spouse is abusive or has drugs or alcohol problems, then by all means leave and divorce your spouse. But if the problems are not like those mentioned, there is always a chance to save your troubled marriage. If you think divorce is an easy way out and you are willing to go through the unknown and start a relationship again with someone new, then why not divert that willingness to saving your own marriage and rekindle the love and passion you both once have? Stay married and avoid divorce visit Save My Marriage Today

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