What Women Want from Their Men

Are you wondering what’s going on in a woman’s mind and how to get through to her? Understanding women can be hard sometimes but if you know what women want from their men, it is a lot easier to understand them and love them.  Men have a completely different world and the world of women often appear to them as mysterious and confusing.  Sometimes women drive men crazy that they are clueless on what to do. To succeed in a relationship with women, men should know what women want from their men. Men want to be successful in loving and living with a woman and it is easier to accomplish these goals if they fully understand women.

Women want men to understand that for them love is their priority. When women are in love, they are inspired by this love. She thinks about you from the moment she opens her eyes in the morning and you are the last thing in her mind before she closes her eyes at night. It is their nature to be more loving, devoted and cherished the man they love and men sometimes find these behaviors strange or view them as being needy or demanding. They do not plan these behaviors, it is just the way they are and it is their nature to be more loving. With men, their lives are divided  and focused on different things like their work, hobbies, friends, family and their love life  but for most women, their entire lives are focused on one thing and  that is you, your relationship or your family if you are married with each other.  Although like men, women have their own jobs, careers and hobbies too but her priority will always be the man in his life and their relationship. In everything she does, she thinks about you and the family. When she’s at work, she still thinks about what she’s going to cook for you, she’s thinking about calling you to remind you to drive safely because it is raining. There are a lot of things running in her mind about you and the relationship while she’s doing other things. And in thinking about you from sun up to sun down everyday of her life, she becomes more sensitive, more emotional with the relationship. With women, love is their priority and it is how they are because it is their nature.

Women need to feel loved. One thing women want from their men is to make them feel loved. There are many ways to make a woman feel loved. There are times that she feels insecure and she needs to be re-assured about your feelings for her. Women are emotional and there are a million things running on her mind that sometimes cannot be dismissed easily.  Giving emotional support when she needs it and being on her side when she needs someone are some ways to make her feel loved. Sometimes they need you to take her side when she is upset with someone. Of course, you need to explain later to her if she is not logical about being upset with someone but initially she needs you to be on her side. Hugs and display of affection are also some of the ways to make her feel loved.  Simple acts of kindness and thoughtfulness like small gifts, flowers and offering to do the dishes make her feel loved and important. Although not all men could understand all of these things, if you want to know what women want from their men, these things will make sense to you.

She wants you to just listen. When a woman is sharing her emotions or her problems, she doesn’t want you to solve the problems for her. She just needs you to listen and she just wants to be heard. Of course later on she needs a hand for her problems but at the time that she is sharing her emotions, the feeling and the desire to get heard is more important to her that the solution for the problem.  What women want from their men is that they are there to listen.

Women want to know that you find her beautiful. This is not being childish but this is more of being childlike. In every woman there is this little girl inside that needs to know that you find her beautiful. Letting her know that her dress looks nice or her new hair is great is important to her because she wants to look attractive to you.

If you know what women want from their men, loving them and living with them will be more exciting. Is your marriage not going so well that you need to understand her more? Discover how to bring back the passion in your marriage, visit Save My Marriage Today

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