Date the Right Kind of Guy- A Guide in Choosing the Right Guy to Date

Are you tired of just dating anyone and now you want to date the right kind of guy? Some women have the pattern of attracting and dating the wrong guys or been with the kind of guys that aren’t right for them that their relationships often do not last.  Dating the wrong guys and not getting the kind of relationship you deserve could be frustrating and tiring. Here are some tips to help you choose and date the right kind of guy.

Know what you really want. Of course to be able to date the right kind of guy, you have to know what you want and what type of guy is right for you. Most women want a man who is tall, dark, handsome, successful or financially stable and someone who has a sense of commitment.  But you also have to be realistic with what you want. We all have our own flaws and nobody is perfect so do not expect to find a man with all those perfect qualities but figure out what is right for you. We all have our preferences but to be realistic, there are ideal qualities we are looking for that we have to give up in place of qualities more essential in creating a long lasting relationship. Think if good looks is more important to you than someone with a sense of commitment and responsibilities. To date the right kind of guy, you have to figure out what you really want and the kind of person you what to be with for the rest of your life. If you can figure out what kind of guy you want to attract and date, you can create a picture in your mind of the right kind of guy for you.

Sharing the same passion. To be able to find and date the right kind of guy, you have to examine yourself first and know what you are passionate about. We are often drawn to people who have the same passion as ours because we can easily talk and connect with them. Isn’t it great to date someone who shares the same passion as yours? What you are passionate about? What activities you love to spend time with? What type of people do you want to hang out with? What places do you usually visit or dream about visiting? Knowing what you are passionate about is important if you want to find and date the right kind of guy. Imagine how life would be if you are with a man who cannot understand  the things you are passionate about. You might end up doing things alone because your man do not want to do the things you are passionate about or do not want to be with the kind of people you want to hang out. Thus, sharing the same passion is important in choosing a man you want to date.

Understand and accept who you really are. We are living in a diverse environment and people have different set of values based on how they were raised. It would be nice to go out with someone who understands and accepts you for who you really are and you do not have to pretend to be who you thought you needed to be in order to be accepted. He does not have to agree on everything you believe in but he should have the ability to understand and accept you for who you really are.

You do not have to find a guy who is exactly the same as you but it would be nice to find a guy who has many things in common with you and your differences are not something that will pull the relationship down, instead those differences will enrich the relationship.  If you already know what type of guy is right for you, you will know where to find him. He could be on the places where he loves to hang-out doing the things he loves to do. Learn more on how to attract and date the right kind of guy, visit  Make Him Desire You



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