Discover How to Keep Your Marriage Exciting

One secret of a lasting marriage is the ability to keep your marriage exciting.   A lifeless or boring marriage can lead to a number of marital issues like infidelity. Once the marriage becomes dull and boring, couples might not stay faithful or may want to find something exciting outside the marriage. Although there are not valid reasons for someone to be unfaithful, the truth is, it happens when the marriage becomes stale or dull.

If you want to create a lasting relationship, you should know how to keep your marriage exciting. When the honeymoon stage is over and marital responsibilities set in, couples tend to be more serious and less exciting. A few years living together under one roof and a growing family could take away the excitement in your marriage if you will stop working on your marriage. An exciting marriage needs work, marriage do not just last without hard work. All relationships need work to last. If you keep on working on things that can make you satisfied and happy like your job or career, you also need to work on your marriage to keep a happy and exciting relationship. The following tips can be very helpful to know how to keep your marriage exciting.

Do not stop making time to have fun. Married couples eventually forgot to spend time to have some fun. If you can make a schedule for your kids, for your job and for your errands at home, include a date night on your weekly schedule to have some fun with your spouse. Try something new on your date night to keep your marriage exciting. Maybe try new food, new activities and new places. There are always new things around us and it is fun to explore the world, try new things and have some fun with your spouse.

Enjoy the company of other couples. While it is good to keep your old friends when you were still single, your marriage will benefit more if you can create or keep friendships with other couples. Having other couples as friends and spending time with other married couples can enrich and encourage your marriage in a more positive way. You and your spouse can enjoy other activities and hobbies with other couples to keep your marriage exciting.

Enjoy a common hobby or interest with your spouse. We often want to spend time and talk with people with the same interest and hobbies as ours. It is never boring to be with someone who shares our hobbies and interest. Why not make that someone your spouse? It is great to have a common hobby and interest with your spouse and it helps keep your marriage exciting. Couples who love photography for instance, will never get bored traveling and doing photo shoot together.

Have a separate hobby or interest. While sharing the same hobby and interest is good to keep your marriage exciting, it is a fact that couples still need to keep their individuality and grow as a person so he or she can contribute more to their relationship. As a person you need to also spend time with other people. There are things that we call men stuffs and women stuffs. So husbands and wives need to have a separate interest or hobby so that they can share something different and new with their spouses. If your husband loves cars, let him enjoy the company of men who are car enthusiasts. If your wife enjoys knitting, then let her have her own group of women friends who are into knitting.

Make sex more exciting. Who says only newly weds can have exciting sex? Sex can get more exciting through the years if couples know how. It is not easy to maintain a satisfying and exciting sexual life with your spouse but if you are willing to work on it, making love with your spouse will always become an experience you will never forget. There are many ways to make your sex life more exciting like introducing sex toys, role playing and learning new ways to touch and tease your spouse. There are books, videos or learning materials on how to keep your spouse sexually satisfied and if you want to keep your marriage exciting, you need to learn how to improve or maintain an exciting sex life.

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