Ways to Improve a Stressful Marriage

It is sad to know that some marriages eventually become stressful and couples grew apart as the years go by. No one wants to have a stressful marriage but couples sometimes end up with this kind of relationship making their daily lives miserable. Maintaining a happy marriage is not easy but if you want to transform or improve a stressful marriage, it is not impossible.  There are ways to ease the stress and tension in your marriage to make the relationship peaceful and exciting again.

The arrival of children, the growing responsibilities of parenthood, marital responsibilities, financial problems and other marital issues bring stress and tension in a relationship and if couples are unable to deal properly with these issues, they will wake up one day living with a stressful marriage. If you are in a situation like this, there are things that you can do to improve your marriage.

Be realistic with your expectations. Too much pressure on your spouse due to unrealistic expectations can result to a stressful marriage and most of the time can give you and your spouse disappointments and frustrations. Your spouse is not perfect and so are you. Understand that we all have limits to our capabilities and there are circumstances that your spouse cannot meet your expectations. It can be liberating to know that you can be yourself with your spouse and you do not have to prove yourself or be pressured with expectations that are too much for you to handle.

Take a break from your children and demanding job. Stressful marriage can be a result of stress from your job and your growing responsibilities. Take time to relax. We all need to unwind and recharge our energies to act and decide properly. If we are exhausted or too tired, we do not act, talk and decide logically or sensibly. A husband going home from a stressful job can easily get irritated for no reason at all and if the wife is not accommodating and understanding, arguments may occur. This scenario can result to a stressful marriage if it becomes frequent. To improve your marriage, find time for each other despite of all the responsibilities. Get away for a while and take a break from your children and demanding job. Get a temporary nanny or a relative for your children and plan a vacation. Spending time alone with each other can make your relationship stronger and lasting.

Maintain intimacy in your marriage.  The absence of intimacy in a marriage can result to a stressful marriage. Being intimate and connecting with each other mentally, emotionally and physically takes away stress in a marriage. Being able to express your feelings and articulate your thoughts with your spouse takes away the stress in your relationship. It is a great feeling that there is one person in this world whom you can share what you feel and can get intimate with.

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