Tips to Effectively Flirt With Men

Flirting is an essential part of attracting men but flirting does not mean recklessly throwing yourself to men disregarding respect to oneself. Of course, you do not want to put yourself in an embarrassing flirting situation. A woman can effectively flirt with men and still keep her values, good manners and self-respect. There are creative ways to flirt with men to get his attention without going overboard. Here are some tips.

Body language. Sending subtle body language as a sign that you are interested is one way to effectively flirt with men. The eyes are the most powerful tool in sending non-verbal messages. Establishing a lingering eye contact is one way to convey you are interested and also one way to know if he is interested. If he looks away, it may mean he is not interested or too shy but if he locks the eye contact with you, he might be interested. Another way to convey non-verbal message is through your smile. Smile is a universal language for friendliness so a woman who smiles a lot is making a statement that she is friendly and approachable. Sometimes without knowing, men find a woman’s smile very sexy and attractive.

Find ways to bump with each other.  First, you have to be careful about this for you not to be accused of being a stalker. Find indirect or subtle ways to bump into each other. Find out his interests and where he usually hangs out. If he is an athletic type, a morning jog in the park where he usually jogs could be a great way to be in his path and will give you an opportunity to bump into each other. To effectively flirt with men you need to be with him so it is important to find ways to be in his path to take your opportunity to get noticed.

Have the courage to engage in a small talk. It doesn’t matter if you failed before in engaging on a small conversation, everyone needs to practice to improve the skills of igniting a small talk. With enough experience and practice, you will eventually have the courage to engage in a small talk. The ability to converse is a great tool to effectively flirt with men. Some men are fascinated with women who have the courage to start a conversation which not all women can do. A good sense of humor and the knowledge of stuffs men usually interested with could be very helpful in communicating with men. It is also a good way to start the conversation with something you have in common. Remember, the sexiest part of the human body is the brain. Using your brains and wits to effectively flirt with men could give you an edge. Small talk means small talk, you do not need to tell your life story; you just want his attention for a limited time to ignite his curiosity.  Remember, it is just a small talk so cut it short while he’s interested and gracefully walk away before he gets bored but leave an option that the opportunity in the future to mingle with him again is open.

Compliment him. Women feel good even with the slightest positive comment about their looks, their hair, their dress or the way they carry themselves and it is the same with men. Men also like compliments because it shows that you are interested and you appreciate his effort to look good. One way to get his attention is to compliment him. Of course you have to be sincere with your compliment and it is not just for the sake of flirting. Establish eye contact while you are giving him compliments to show your sincerity.

Learning the art of flirting could be hard at first but eventually you will realize that every woman can learn to effectively flirt with men. Learn how to become a man magnet by visiting Make Him Desire You












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