Giving Your Ex a Second Chance- Want You Ought to Know

Sometimes relationships are not really over after a break up. Your relationship may have ended for the wrong reasons and there are possibilities for you and your ex to make up and fix your broken relationship. Giving your ex a second chance may be worth considering if you think your relationship deserves a second chance.

So what are the things to consider in giving your ex a second chance?

The relationship ended prematurely. Sometimes couples quit too early without giving the relationship a chance to get fixed. They thought that getting out of the relationship is easier than work things out. If your relationship ended prematurely and you believe things can be fixed again, it could be worth it giving your ex a second chance.

You separation was not ugly. Separation for some couples were so ugly that hurtful words were thrown to each other. It can be difficult to take back the hurtful words and it can be a great hindrance in getting back together. If you separated amicably and peacefully, getting back together is not impossible. Temporary separation can be a good thing because you both have the time away from each other to reflect about your failed relationship. Giving your ex a second chance after being separated for a while can be worth trying if you know that you are still in amicable terms with your ex.

You are both dedicated and committed to make the relationship work. Giving your ex a second chance needs a lot of work and both should be committed to work to make the relationship a success. It is important to see that your ex is willing to do what it takes to make the relationship work this time. Both of you must be willing to fix the past issues in your relationship and make necessary changes or adjustments to make the relationship work. You are both willing to compromise if you need to and agree to disagree on things that are not agreeable to both of you.

You are ready to leave resentments and grudges behind. Before giving your ex a second chance, you have to leave all the baggage behind. You cannot bring old grudges and resentments because it will not be helpful in rebuilding your broken relationship. You do not have to point fingers, bring up old fights, hurt and issues if you want a fresh start with your ex. Forget the past but of course you have to carry the lessons you’ve learned from your failed relationship to make the relationship work this time. Focus on resolving the past issues and start with a clean slate.

You are both ready not to do the same mistakes. By this time, you both already know what caused your break up or separation and it is best to focus on what works in your relationship and avoid repeating the same mistakes. Pay attention not to fall back into the same patterns of behavior that caused the relationship not to work.

The respect and trust are still there. Trust and respect are very important in a relationship and in giving your ex a second chance, you have to make sure that these traits are still present in your relationship. Without trust and respect a relationship is doomed to fail.  If you feel that you both still trust and respect each other, giving your ex second chance could not be a waste of time.

The feelings are still there. Of course the biggest consideration in giving your ex a second chance is that love is still there. Without love, broken relationships can be hard to restore. And once the relationship is restored, it is important to understand that relationships need to be nurtured to avoid falling out of love.

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