The Triggers of Divorce- What Every Couple Should Know

Divorce rate is rising which is an indication that keeping a marriage is really not that easy especially in this new generation where there are a lot of factors affecting one’s marriage. The increasing rate of divorce is alarming because it affects the basic unit of the community which is the family. It is important to keep a family intact to give the children a complete set of parents while they are growing up. A broken family has its negative impact not only to the children but also to the spouses who will carry the pain of a failed marriage. To prevent divorce from happening, one must know the triggers of divorce in order to avoid them.

What are the triggers of divorce?

The sacredness of marriage is not the same as before. Marriage is a union of two people under sacred vows to love each other for better or worse till death but marriage vows are losing its sacredness in this new generation. The attitude of people towards marriage is changing and marriage is treated not as sacred as before. Divorce becomes an option and as a result, many couples do not work as hard as before to save their marriage. Instead of putting their best efforts to fulfill their vows and fix their troubled marriage, divorce becomes an escape to get out of a difficult marriage.

Stress at work. One of the triggers of divorce is the stress of the modern life. To keep up with the economy and demands of their jobs, working couples are facing more pressure at work. Working 6 days in a week, rendering overtime or working late even on holidays can greatly affect one’s married life. The time to be spent for the spouse and kids are taken away by their jobs and there are times that couples bring the issues at work in their home. Sometimes without knowing, couples become distant and cold to each other because they spend more time at work than at home which can destroy their marriage.

Change in spouse’s roles. More and more housewives are in the workforce now. With the wife working, spouse’s role at home may change. Expectations of wives for husbands to share with the household chores may lead to conflicts if the husband is not too cooperative. Tension and conflicts may arise when the husband is not supportive of a wife’s career and view her job not as important as his. Professional rivalry may also occur especially if the wife is more successful in her career than the husband. Men are expected to be the breadwinners and marital problems may occur when women begin to be more successful and earn more than their men. Most men are not emotionally comfortable having a wife more successful than them. One of the triggers of divorce is the change in spouse’s roles. Spouses who cannot adapt with the changes in their roles in this modern life may find themselves confused, frustrated and in conflicts with their partners leading to a failed marriage.

It is easy to get a divorce now. In the days of our grandparents, divorce is uncommon because it is so hard to justify a divorce. One must prove that the other person has committed sins or serious crimes like adultery and violence but now justifying a divorce is not that hard. Spouses are no longer required to prove the presence of crimes to get a divorce. They can simply say, it didn’t work because of their irreconcilable differences. Divorce has become an easy option. There are couples who get divorced after weeks of getting married.

Changes in the society. The environment and circumstances which one lives can greatly affect his or her view about marriage. There are reports that children who have broken families or have divorced parents are more likely to get divorced which means the chain will go on. For every divorced parents there is a high chance that their children will also get divorced contributing to the increasing rate of divorce. There are also reports that couples who already live together before their marriage are more likely to get divorced.

The above mentioned triggers of divorce can be an eye opener for couples to be aware of what should be avoided if they want a successful marriage. Although the divorce rate is rising, you do not have to be part of the statistics because there are ways to keep a long-lasting marriage.

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