How to End an Emotional Affair emotional affair cheating? Any emotional intimacy with someone not your spouse or partner that affects the level of intimacy in your marriage is a form of cheating. If you will not take the step to end an emotional affair, it can harm your marriage and it can bring pains to you, your spouse and your children.

Emotional affair may start as a great friendship or chemistry at work or a great conversation over the internet and without realizing, you became close and you start to open up and confide personal feelings even your marital dissatisfaction that you don’t even share to your spouse. You look forward to your next conversation or to seeing this person every single day. You spend more time alone with each other and you feel more emotionally connected to this person than your spouse. If you failed to recognize these signs and unable to end an emotional affair as soon as possible, it can hurt your marriage.

Emotional affairs may escalate to sexual affairs and that of course is 100% adultery but if it didn’t move on to the next level and nothing physical or sexual is happening, it is easy to convince yourself that you are not doing anything wrong and this emotional affair cannot harm your marriage.

The truth is, emotional affairs can be more damaging to the marriage than sexual affairs. When one commits sexual infidelity, there is a chance that this is just physical or sexual and no feelings or intimacy involved but it is not the same with emotional affairs. The impact of your attachment or emotional intimacy to a person other than your spouse can be very damaging to your marriage.

If you want to stay married and save yourself, your spouse and your kids from the pain of divorce, you need to end an emotional affair. In most cases, it is more difficult to end an emotional affair than a sexual affair but there are ways to break the connection with this other person outside your marriage and save your marriage. Here’s how:

Acknowledge and recognize the signs of an emotional affair. It can be hard to end an emotional affair when the lack of physical contact makes you believe that there’s nothing wrong with it. If the inappropriate intimacy with this person outside your marriage is taking away the time, intimacy, passion, honesty, trust and other emotional feelings that you should be sharing with your spouse, then this emotional affair is a form cheating and is threatening your marriage. Once you acknowledge that you are committing an emotional affair and you realized the impact of this inappropriate intimacy to your marriage, breaking-free from this affair is a decision that you have to make if you want to stay married.

Figure out the reason why you end up having an emotional affair. Emotional intimacy with someone don’t just happen overnight or out of the blue, there are reasons why spouses made an emotional connection with someone outside their marriage. Having an emotional affair is a sign that something is wrong with your marriage. Do you feel neglected by your spouse? Are you unhappy with your marriage? Knowing the reasons for your inappropriate emotional intimacy with someone other than your spouse can help you find solutions to your intimacy issues with your spouse and break free from this emotional affair.

Bring the reasons of the emotional affair out in the open. To end an emotional affair, you have to stop hiding it and start talking about it to your spouse. You can save your marriage if you and your spouse will explore the root cause why this emotional affair happened in the first place and bring the reasons out in the open than discuss it with the person outside your marriage. Being transparent with the reasons of the affair can help you and your spouse rebuild the trust in your marriage.

Give your marriage a chance. It can be hard to end an emotional affair when you don’t want to give your marriage a chance. If you want to give your marriage a chance, you have to take the step of quitting this emotional affair and become more dedicated to your spouse than to this “friend” outside your marriage. Work on how to strengthen the marriage and how to trust each other again. If you cannot achieve this on your own, it is best to seek professional help to save your marriage.

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