Reasons Why Men Have Affairs

Men are more likely to have extramarital affairs than women. You may be wondering why men have affairs. What drives them to cheat on their spouses and put the marriage in great pain and uncertainty?

There is no valid reason for cheating a spouse but let’s face it, an affair is not something that just comes out of the blue, there are reasons why men have affairs. Let us look at the reasons why men have extramarital affairs.

When their emotional needs are overlooked. It is a common notion that men are physical beings and that their sexual desires can push them to cheat on their spouses but contrary to what most people believe, men are also emotional beings. Men are not as good as women in expressing their feelings that is why their emotional needs are often overlooked but they also want to be appreciated and they want their emotional needs to be acknowledged and fulfilled. Emotional dissatisfaction is one of the reasons why men have affairs.

When men are surrounded by friends who are cheaters. Being around friends committing adulterous acts can be a bad influence to faithful husbands. A good guy may get tempted to do the same since he is hanging out with friends who makes cheating look like a normal thing. The influence or pressure of cheating friends can be a reason why men have affairs.

When men are tempted with an office mate who acknowledge him and look up to him. Men spend longer hours at work with their office mates than at home with their wives. When they get home after office hours they’ll just have dinner with their wives and children and the rest of the hours are spent sleeping. When men do not feel valued at home but well-appreciated, valued and praised at work by a female co-worker, what do you think will happen? There are reports that more than 50% of affairs start at work. It is not uncommon for some men to fall for their female co-workers especially when they are doing the same line of work and they work happily with each other. The closeness and emotional connection with a female co-worker is sometimes one of the reasons why men have affairs.

Sexual dissatisfaction. Contrary to what most people believe, sex is not the primary reason why men have affairs. There are numerous surveys, research and studies showing that sex is not the major reason why men cheat on their wives. Although this is not the primary reason why men commit adultery, this should not be overlooked. Sexual dissatisfaction could drive some men to look for it somewhere else. Men have sexual needs and if they cannot get it from their wives they are more likely to get it from other women.

When men fall out of love with their spouses. Love is supposed to be pure and should not dishonor others so it is questionable if what they have with the person they are having an affair with can be called love but when men lose the emotional and physical connection with their wives or falling out of love, they tend to look for it in the arms of other women.

To escape an unhappy marriage. Marital issues or unhappy marriage doesn’t justify infidelity but men becomes more vulnerable to having an affair when the marriage becomes problematic and going home with his wife becomes unbearable. There are men who do not want to face the problems in their unhappy marriage and they just choose to escape from it by having an affair.

To satisfy their curiosity. This may sound ridiculous but some men have affairs not because they are unhappy with their marriage or they have emotional needs to be fulfilled, some men cheat just to satisfy their curiosity. One of the reasons why men have affairs is that they want to experience something new or something exciting. They want a new challenge or they cheat just for the thrill of it.

Insecurities. One example of this is a man seeking an affair to feel young. Some men are afraid to lose their sexual prowess and masculinity due to aging. They do not feel good realizing that they are no longer young so they want an affair with younger women to feel younger and well-desired. Some men seek for an affair to feel better because they feel they are too old, too fat or not desirable anymore. Insecurities can be a reason why men have affairs.

Infidelity is one of the major causes of divorce but this doesn’t mean that divorce is your only option if your marriage has been shattered by an affair. There is life after an affair and it is possible to survive and make the marriage work again after an affair. Many couples survived and were able to enjoy their renewed relationship after an affair.

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