7 Tips to Keep a Long Distance Relationship Healthy

Most people want a relationship with someone who is always physically present and can be reached anytime but not everyone is lucky to have that kind of relationship. There are many circumstances in life that couples end up having a long distance relationship. Whatever the circumstances are, it is important for couples to know how to keep a long distance relationship healthy to make the relationship work.

Although many people believe that long distance relationship won’t work, there are couples who were able to overcome the challenges and be able to keep a long distance relationship healthy. Here are some tips:

Regular communication. With advance technology now, there is no reason for couples not to communicate. Regular communication can help couples keep a long distance relationship healthy. Sending a message or calling is easy and there are also apps like Skype or Facetime that couples can use to talk and see each other at the same time. Just do not overdo it. Regular communication doesn’t mean excessive communication. You don’t have to talk every minute of the day. Greeting your partner every morning and before going to bed is a must but do not expect your partner to send messages or call every hour. Being too demanding or possessive could drive your partner to get tired of you. Stay connected with each other by communicating constantly but do not overdo it.

Be honest and open with each other. You cannot see each other every day so it is up to both of you to be honest and open about the things that keeps you both busy. Share what makes you happy, what makes you disappointed and the challenges you’ve been experiencing. Being open and honest with each other can help you keep a long distance relationship healthy.

Give each other assurance. Being away from each other is hard and there is no way to know if you still love each other unless you both assure each other that your feelings for each other keeps growing and getting intense despite the distance. Make him or her feel loved. Be thoughtful and do not forget to greet or send a present on special occasions. An assurance on both sides that everything is still going well can help keep a long distance relationship healthy.

Trust each other. An important ingredient to a successful relationship is trust. It would be hard to keep a long distance relationship healthy without trust. You’ll get paranoid and suspicious every time you see couples breaking up or some people cheating their partners. Being apart can teach you more about relationships. Instead of thinking that being apart can complicate your relationship, have a mind-set that being apart is a test of how much you love and trust each other. Instead of making the long distance an excuse to pull you apart, make it a reason to bond more to make the relationship stronger.

Avoid temptations. People who are away from their partners are prone to temptations especially when they are sad or vulnerable. Avoid situations where you’ll be tempted to do something that you are not supposed to do. Avoid situations that could endanger your relationship or that could make your partner worried or suspicious of you. Going out or hanging out with an ex or someone who is attracted to you or flirting with you is not a good idea. Putting yourself on dangerous situations could ruin your relationship. Avoiding temptations is important if you want to keep a long distance relationship healthy.

Create a common interest or hobbies. Being apart doesn’t mean you cannot do things together. The distance can be shortened by creating at least one common interest or hobby that will serve as your bonding activities. If you both love photography, you can discuss or share photos online that you shot separately. You can both listen to the same music, watch the same movies or read the same books and talk about it. You can also play online games together.  Doing things together can help keep a long distance relationship healthy.

Have future plans together. If you are into a long distance relationship and trying your best to make it work, it is safe to assume that you want this relationship for keeps. It is important to make plans together and have the same future goals. How long do you both intend to live separately? Do you plan to settle down and live together in the same place? It is important that you have the same goals when it comes to your relationship. Knowing that being apart for now is just temporary and you are both working on the same goal of being together in the future can make couples look forward for a brighter future with each other.

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