How to Avoid Rebound Relationship

After a breakup, it is not easy for most people to forget their exes and move on. People on this situation have different ways of coping with their pain. Some try drinking and partying, some drown themselves in working too much and some start dating a little too early. The latter coping strategy can be dangerous because a broken heart needs time to heal. A person going through a recent breakup is very vulnerable and dating too early can lead to a rebound relationship. Most relationships built for the wrong reasons cannot survive for a long time. If you want a better and lasting relationship, it is best to avoid rebound relationship.

A rebound relationship can be a dangerous coping technique because you haven’t given yourself enough time to heal. Jumping into a relationship right after a breakup could delay your process of healing and it could hurt you and the other person who got involved with you in a rebound relationship. You are caught up with your own pain that a rebound relationship is just your way of coping with your pain or a way to fill the void left by your ex but it could be a serious relationship for the other person. In the end, you’ll leave the other person the same heartaches you’ve been suffering.

Of course, you do not want this situation for yourself where you will get hurt and end up hurting someone else. So how to avoid rebound relationship?

Do not rush to feel better. Breakups are painful and healing is a process. There is no other way to feel better but to go through the pain and the healing process. If you want to cry then cry, mourn and let the pain run its course. The pain of breakups is like a wound that needs healing. There is no shortcut in healing a wound. You’ll bleed, feel the pain, go through the treatments and patiently give it time to heal. Do not rush and avoid rebound relationship.

Find comfort from your close friends and family. People normally look for someone to comfort them when they are in great pain. The need for companionship and comfort may lure you to date and find someone who could fill the void left by your ex. It is not a good idea to get involve romantically with someone when your mind and heart are under great stress and pain. To avoid rebound relationship, avoid dating too early just because you need companionship and comfort but instead, find comfort with your family and close friends.

Focus on yourself. Being single again can be a good thing because this time you can focus on yourself. This is a good time to get involve with activities you find interesting. You can create new hobbies or go back to your old hobbies now that you have lots of time for yourself. To avoid rebound relationship, love yourself and focus on yourself more. Rebuild yourself while coping up with the pain of your recent breakup so that when the right person comes along, you know that you are no longer broken and you have your whole self to offer to the new relationship.

Be realistic. It is not healthy for your mind and heart to keep thinking and mourning about your ex days after days. Instead, find a way to bring your ex back if you really feel that she or he is the one right for you and the relationship deserves a second chance but if it’s not possible, don’t do stupid things, avoid rebound relationship and let time heal your wounds. They say that every failed relationship makes you one step closer to “the one” who is really meant for you.


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