Signs of a Rebound Relationship

It could be a rebound relationship if you jump into a relationship right after a breakup. People who desperately need another person to fill the void left by an ex usually date a little too early than they should and end up with a rebound relationship.

If you are in a romantic relationship just after a break up and before your feelings for your ex have been resolved, you might be in a rebound relationship. You may not realize it because it may look like an innocent attempt to use someone to help you cope with the pain of a recent break up but a  rebound relationship can be harmful not only to you but also to the new partner.

If you are confused, the following signs of a rebound relationship can be very helpful for you to realize if you are in a rebound relationship or not.

You are not thinking about long-term. One of the signs of a rebound relationship is that you are just thinking about “the now” and not looking far ahead. Although you decided to get involve romantically with this new partner, you know deep inside you that this relationship is “just for now” and you are not thinking about long-term. You are not seeing yourself having a future with this new person.

You just need the attention. Another sign of a rebound relationship is that you entered in the relationship because you just need the attention given to you by the new person. Your new relationship could be with someone who had a long-term crush on you or someone who showers you the attention you need.  You didn’t notice him or her before because you were so happy with your previous relationship but now the attention from that person makes you feel good. You have to ask yourself if you just need the attention right now or you sincerely want to build a new relationship with this new person.

You just need a new partner for emotional comfort. You only think about your new partner when you need emotional comfort. You need to go to this new partner when you are lonely and emotionally stressed but tend to neglect him or her when you are happy. If the need for emotional comfort is the only reason for you to be around with your new partner, then think again because this is one of the signs of a rebound relationship.

You still have feelings for your ex. You are still lovesick and thinking about your ex while having a new relationship. You are not yet over with your ex and still hoping to be together with your ex. This a cruel thing to do while you are already in a relationship with a new partner.

You want to make your ex jealous. The only reason why you entered a new relationship is to make you ex think that you already moved on and there is a new person to take his or her place in your heart now. Making your ex jealous at the expense of another person is not a good idea.

Entering a relationship for the wrong reasons will not heal the pain of a recent breakup but it could only delay your healing process. You’ll also end up hurting someone else. If you still want your ex back and you want a second chance, then do something to win your ex back but if it is not possible, then there is no other way but to rebuild yourself and move on.


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