11 Tips in Making a Long Distance Relationship Last

Keeping a relationship is hard enough for couples who are physically together, but how much more for couples who are miles away? Long distance relationships exist and millions of couples, including married ones are in this kind of relationship. It can be really challenging to make a long distance relations work because physical presence is important to make the relationship last. Simple things like touching each other, holding hands or walking together are not achievable in a long distance relationship. Distance can tear couples apart but this doesn’t mean that long distance relationship cannot work. Making a long distance relationship last needs a lot of dedication and work.

Here are some tips in making a long distance relationship last.

Constant communication. Make sure to communicate with your partner on a regular basis. With advance technology now, this can be done with ease with text messaging, telephone calls, video chatting and even with social media apps. Like most couples do, it is best to talk when you wake up, before you start the day or at the end of the day, before you go to bed. Consistency is important in making a long distance relationship last. You don’t want to keep your partner guessing what you’ve been doing by not constantly communicating. Update your partner with your whereabouts and what is going on with you. Video chat regularly or send pictures to keep your partner updated.  Constant communication is also important to know each other’s schedule especially when you are living in a different time zones. Knowing each other’s activities and schedules will prevent misunderstandings and miscommunications. You’ll shorten the distance between you by keeping in touch on a regular basis.

Note: Being too possessive or wanting your partner to connect with you every hour, is not healthy in a relationship. Anything excessive is not good, avoid expecting or demanding for excessive communication that your partner may end up avoiding you.

Be positive. Being apart is not always bad. Instead of seeing the negative side of it, try to see the positive side. Building a strong relationship doesn’t always mean you have to be physically close to each other all the time. You will be physically together eventually, so take this time apart as an opportunity to make the relationship stronger. Think of it as a test of how much you love each other. If you both endured and passed this test, future challenges in your relationship will be easier to handle. A positive attitude can be very helpful in making a long distance relationship last.

Stay intimate with each other. The most difficult challenge in making a long distance relationship last is the intimacy part. Intimacy is important for couples to stay emotionally connected.  Distance is not a hindrance to be intimate with your partner.  Do not let distance deprive you and your partner of intimacy. With the technology now, couples can be intimate privately with each other. You can be open with each other’s desires and be intimate while physically apart.

Avoid temptations. Being apart can make you and your partner vulnerable to temptations.  Partying or going out with your friends can make your partner suspicious if you are not careful about it. Inform your partner before going out with your friends to reassure your partner that you are always thinking about him or her. It is important to let your partner know that you went home alone. Exposing yourself to temptations or dangerous situations can be damaging to your relationship so if you cannot handle it, avoid it. Being alone with someone who has a crush on you or who has been flirting with you is dangerous, so avoid putting yourself in that kind of situation. Staying away from temptations is important in making a long distance relationship last.

Be honest and true to each other. It is true that honesty is the best policy. Without it, relationships can be hard to keep. Don’t bottle up your feelings or keep things from your partner. Making a long distance relationship last is hard if you keep things from your partner. Keep the lines of communication open and honestly open up to your partner. It is important to be open and honest especially when you are not physically together. Discuss issues in your relationship as early as possible and do not wait until they become big and unmanageable. Support each other emotionally and be honest all the time.

Share the things you both enjoy. Being apart doesn’t mean you cannot share or do things together. Making a long distance relationship last includes sharing the things you both enjoy. Read the same books you both like and share each other’s thoughts about it. Watch the same movies and talk about it. You can also play online games together, sing together or even eat together while video chatting. If you have the same hobbies, you can share tips and new experiences about your common hobbies. There are a lot of things you can do together while being physically apart to make the distance shorter and to make the relationship more exciting.

Take advantage of the opportunity to visit each other. Being physically together is important in making a long distance relationship last. Take advantage of holidays to visit your partner. Being together physically to be able to touch each other and do the things normal couples do can be very helpful to reassure each other and strengthen your relationship. It is also important to know when you’ll visit each other again. It makes being apart more bearable if you are both looking forward to a definite date to see each other again.

Be clear with your goals and expectations. How long do you plan to be apart? Most couples cannot maintain an indefinite long distance relationship. It is important to be clear about your future plans. Although you are apart now, it should be temporary and you are both working on the same goals to settle down and be together permanently. Having the same goals and future plans are important in making a long distance relationship last.

Make the best out of your alone time. Don’t just sit in your room all day and think about being alone. The world is so big and your partner would not want your world to just revolve around him or her. Go out and make the best of your alone time. Do community work, learn new skills, enjoy a new hobby and go out with your friends and family. You don’t have to be always alone just because your significant other is miles away. Just always be mindful that you are no longer single when going out and exploring the world.

Stay sweet and thoughtful to each other. Sending gifts, flowers and chocolates are still possible in a long distance relationship so do it from time to time. Make her feel loved by sending her flowers on her birthday or Valentine’s Day. Send him gifts or hand written letters to make him feel really special. Keep the romance alive in your relationship by staying sweet and thoughtful to each other. Small sweet things can be very helpful in making a long distance relationship last.

Trust each other. It is normal to feel insecure, suspicious and jealous but you have to learn to trust your partner and not let these feelings rule over you. Assuming or accusing your partner of doing something bad behind your back if he or she failed to respond to you immediately is not healthy in a relationship especially in a long distance relationship. Discuss with your partner why you feel jealous or insecure but assure your partner that you completely trust him or her. Trust is very important in making a long distance relationship last.

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