The Truth About Women’s Sexual Dissatisfaction in a Marriage and What You Can Do About It

A satisfying sex life is important in most marriage. Sexual dissatisfaction can lead to a number of marital issues and so couples must be sexually satisfied with each other. But what if the wife is sexually unsatisfied? Here are some causes of women’s sexual dissatisfaction in a marriage and what you can do about it.

Mismatched sex organs.

In average man, the common size of penis in unexcited condition is 3-4 inches long and about one inch or more in diameter. During erection, the penis becomes rigid and enlarged to an average size of 6-7 inches long and 1 ½ inch to 2 inches in diameter.  While in average woman, the vaginal passage is 6-7 inches in depth which corresponds almost exactly with that of the penis size making the entrance of the male organ a perfect fit. A perfect match of husband’s and wife’s sex organs leads to a more satisfying sex life for married couples.

But there are cases that the sex organs of couples are not well-matched and this is one of the causes of women’s sexual dissatisfaction. The husband’s penis maybe too long for the wife’s vagina and the wife’s vagina is too short that may cause discomfort and may hurt the wife during sex. There are cases that the husband’s penis is too short, leaving the wife unsatisfied and unable to reach orgasm. If the woman is dissatisfied, this will leave the husband unhappy too because of his inadequacy.

What you can do about it?

Women’s sexual dissatisfaction due to mismatched sex organs can be adjusted with the right sexual position. A sexual position where the woman is in full control and can regulate how much of her husband’s penis shall enter her vagina in accordance to her liking or needs. Sexual positions like woman on top (cowgirl or reverse cowgirl) gives women full control. The husband on the other hand, will be satisfied and delighted knowing he doesn’t have to worry about hurting his wife during intercourse. Sexual positions like missionary position, doggy style and woman on top can help men who are not well endowed to optimize what they’ve got.  It is also important to know that pleasing a wife is not only about penetration but it is also about hitting her sweet spots, that is, her clitoris and g-spot. A husband doesn’t have to have a huge size to hit those sensitive spots.

Not climaxing at the same time.

During sex, the highest delight for couples is when they are climaxing or reaching orgasm at the same time. The frequent cause of women’s sexual dissatisfaction is when they are unable to climax simultaneously with their husbands. Generally, women are slower in reaching orgasm compared to men. If the husband “goes off” first, the penis shrinks back to its unexcited form. The erection is gone so it is no longer capable to excite the wife in this condition. It is impossible for the husband to continue the act and bring his wife to orgasm. This leaves the wife extremely frustrated and unsatisfied. Not climaxing at the same time is more unsatisfactorily to women than men because if the wife reaches orgasm first, it is still possible for the husband to continue his action to reach orgasm.

It is a sad truth that there are couples who weren’t synchronized in reaching orgasms and there are wives who never experienced orgasm throughout their lives. A case where the husband gets all the satisfaction while the wife gets little or none.

What you can do about it?

If the husband happens to arrive at climax before the wife does and he couldn’t bring her wife to orgasm with his unexcited penis, an immediate action is for the husband to substitute his fingers and satisfy her in that way. It would not be as satisfying as it would have been if she climax simultaneously with her husband but it is better than leaving her entirely unsatisfied all night long. It is wrong and a selfish act for the husband to satisfy himself first and then bringing his wife to orgasm with his fingers but this is just an emergency action.

To avoid this from happening, the couple must learn to climax together and to do this, the husband must learn to prolong foreplay and allow the wife not only to catch up but even surpass his state of passion. The husband must use every means to stimulate and escalate his wife’s sexual desire.

When the wife is slow and the husband is quick, the husband must learn the art of retention or to withhold orgasm to wait for her to climax with him. With constant practice and a great will power, a husband can master the art of retention to wait for his wife. If this can be achieved, climaxing simultaneously is always possible and it will greatly increase the couple’s happiness.

A satisfying sex life is important to keep the marriage more exciting. It is best to learn how to satisfy each other for a happier marriage life. Discover the secrets to give women mind blowing orgasms visit Orgasmology


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