4 Reasons Why Guys Pull Away and What You Can Do About It

Both men and women have the tendency to pull away from a relationship but of course women are more interested to know the reasons why guys pull away. It can be confusing when the man you’ve fallen for suddenly became too busy, unresponsive and starts pulling away and you do not know why.

So what are the reasons why guys pull away and what you can do about it?

There is someone else. One of the reasons why guys pull away is another woman. If you are not dating exclusively, chances are he’s seeing other women to widen his options before making a decision to have a real relationship with just one woman. If he found the one, he will pull away from other women he’s seeing.  Unfortunately, there’s so little you can do about this. It can be more painful to force someone to like you again if he’s into someone else.

He is not yet ready to commit.  Another reason why guys pull away is he is not yet ready to commit. If the relationship is getting serious and he is not yet ready to commit or not yet sure if you are the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with, then he may pull away. A relationship is a partnership and for a relationship to work, both should be willing to commit. Sometimes men need time to realize the value of the relationship and be ready to commit. But if you did your best in the relationship but he’s still unsure and not ready to commit, then he is not the right person for you. You deserve someone better if he is not sure he wants you.

He feels suffocated in the relationship. Maybe you became too needy that he felt suffocated so he decided to withdraw or back away. It’s too much of a burden for someone if they feel they have to fill some voids in your life for you to feel complete. Men are happier in a relationship with a woman who is complete and fulfilled in her life and doesn’t expect a man to complete her or meet her every need. Too much jealousy is another reason why men feel suffocated in a relationship. Jealousy is healthy in a relationship but if it is too much, it can ruin a relationship. Being too needy and too much jealousy are two reasons why guys pull away and feel suffocated.  Most men tend to withdraw when they feel trapped or suffocated in a relationship. So if you feel that he’s pulling away because you became obsessive and too needy, the best thing to do is give him space. Stop obsessing over him and work on your own issues. Learn to love yourself and find ways to be happy and complete without being too needy and too jealous. Wait for him to find his way back to you.

He is going through something. Another reason why guys pull away is he is stressed and going through something. This may be difficult to understand for most women, because most women want company when they are going through something. This is not the case for men. When men are having a hard time, they cave in. They want space and want to deal with their issues on their own. It’s their nature and it has nothing to do with you. If you will pursue him to open up when he is going through something and obviously wants some space, he may get more stressed and may pull away even more. You can try to offer support but you can’t force him to open up if he wants some space. The best thing to do is give him the space he needs. He will seek you out when he is ready to open up and he will ask for your advice if he needs it.

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