4 Main Reasons Why a Marriage Gets Boring

Boredom is one of the reasons why some couples fall apart. Although a dull marriage may not end up in divorce, a boring marriage could lead to a number of marital problems. Most people tend to crave for excitement, so when the marriage gets boring, some people create drama or make small issues bigger to get the attention of their spouses or just to make the marriage more exciting. Some look for excitement somewhere else, that is why couples in a boring marriage is more susceptible to an affair.

A long-term relationship like marriage has a tendency to get boring.  Knowing the reasons why a marriage gets boring can be very helpful for couples to avoid them and create a more exciting and lasting relationship.

So what are the reasons why a marriage gets boring?

A routine life. Living a monotonous or predictable life with your spouse for years can be boring. Marriage gets boring when couples do the same things everyday (eat breakfast, getting ready to work, eat dinner and then go to bed to wake up the next day and do the same things.)  Most couples once married, forgot to woo each other and dress up for date nights. The romance take a backseat because they just concentrate on raising a family. Sometimes couples end up just being roommates or parents working hard to secure their family’s future and expecting their marriage to take care of itself. A marriage gets boring if things become routine or repetitive. It is great for couples to have something constant in their life but most people look for something new to make life more exciting. Although you wake up and sleep with the same person every day, it doesn’t mean you can’t put in some excitement to add spice to your marriage. Get out of your routine life and start dating again. Take a break from worrying about your daily life and spend quality time together. Check-in or get a room for a change, go out together for a morning walk and eat breakfast at the park or if you are too busy in the morning, walk to the park with your spouse after dinner. Plan a date night once a week. Travel and create new memories.

Lack of “me” time. It is great for couples to do things together but everyone, (even the married ones) need their own space and “me” time once in a while. While you depend on each other, you also need to grow individually and need a little independence. Although there are things that you love doing together, there are things that you should keep doing on your own. Couples grow together as a couple and also individually as a person. Being apart from each other once in a while can actually prevent the relationship from getting boring. A person, married or not need to spend time alone or with other people. Marriage gets boring if couples are always together. Being apart sometimes can help you both bring new exciting things in the marriage.

Lack or absence of sex. Maybe your children or your career are getting in the way of having an active sex life with your spouse. You are too tired, too pre-occupied with your job, etc. There are many excuses for not having sex for couples who are busy raising a family and building a career but a marriage gets boring if it lacks physical and emotional intimacy through sex. To keep the excitement in a marriage, sex shouldn’t be last on your priority list.  Sex should be alive to make the relationship more exciting.

Couples get too comfortable with each other. It is great that you feel secure with your relationship but marriage gets boring when couples get too comfortable with each other and they forgot to please or win each other. It is not healthy to be complacent and stopped trying to make your spouse fall for you over and over again. A relationship needs to be nourished to flourish and last longer. Couples shouldn’t stop doing things that make them fall in-love more with each other.  Take good care of yourself and always look good to be more physically attractive. Continue doing the things that made your spouse fall for you when you were just dating.

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