How to Give Her Satisfying Female Orgasms

Most women cannot achieve orgasm during lovemaking and it is a frustrating situation for both men and women. Men feel inadequate of pleasing their woman and women are left disappointed. If you want to give her satisfying female orgasms, there are things that you need to learn.

Most men are embarrassed to seek professional help if they are unable to give their woman a satisfying orgasm. The following tips will help you give her satisfying female orgasms:

Create the right atmosphere for lovemaking. Men are easily stimulated at the sight of a naked woman but it is not the same with women. Most women are not instantly stimulated by sight. They need more time, the right atmosphere and some romance. If something is bothering her, it will be hard for her to achieve orgasm. If you want to give her satisfying female orgasms, she need some romance to get into the mood, you have to court her, make her feel sexy and beautiful.

Warm her up. Unlike men, women are not easily aroused and you need to warm her up if you want to give her satisfying female orgasms. Foreplay is a good way to start warming her up but you have to know that women need a longer foreplay than men. Gently kiss her and whisper sweet words in her ears and slowly kiss her all over her body to create a shivering sensation on her spine that will make her feel hot.

Be patient and wait until she is aroused and ready. You cannot rush her and you need to wait until she is wet and ready. Lovemaking is a slow process in women and if you want to give her satisfying female orgasms, you have to be patient.

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