How to Give Your Wife an Orgasm

Sex is an important part of any marriage and it is crucial that you achieve sexual satisfaction with your wife. Sexual dissatisfaction could lead to problems in your marriage life. There are reports that most women do not experience orgasm and sometimes fake it because they do not want to hurt their husbands. Is your wife one of these women? If you feel your wife is not achieving sexual satisfaction, then you have to learn how to give your wife an orgasm.

Women have different needs in bed. Unlike men, they are not easily aroused or turned on. As a husband, you must know the right techniques on how to give your wife an orgasm. Here are some tips:

Communication. It is important that you talk about lovemaking and you know her sexual fantasies. Being open on how to give each other pleasure during lovemaking will help you know how to give your wife an orgasm.

Make her feel special and loved. Women do not get aroused easily and she needs to be pampered and she needs to feel loved by you. Maybe send her flowers with a note that you want to have a great lovemaking with her tonight. The attention you are giving her makes her feel special and loved and she will look forward for you to finally come home and be with her.

Seduce her. Seduction is not only for people who are dating but it is also for married couples. One way to seduce her is call her from work and tell her to wear her sexy dress tonight because you have a surprise for her. Tell her how sexy she is and how you want her body. Set a seductive environment and situations to make her want to go to bed with you and this is your chance to give your wife an orgasm.

Prolong foreplay. To give your wife an orgasm, you need to be patient and let her enjoy the foreplay. Give her oral sex, touch her on the right places and let her enjoy your caress. Do not rush her because women need more time to get aroused. When you feel she is really ready for you then this is the time to give your wife an orgasm.

Lovemaking is the time for you and your wife to get closer and bond with each other. It is important that you both achieve sexual satisfaction. If you do not have the confidence that you can give your wife an orgasm, then you need to learn the techniques on how to give women a mind blowing orgasm visit Unlock Her Legs