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Discover the Secrets to Please a Guy in Bed

Lovemaking is an important part of every couple’s relationship. Private moments in the bedroom make the relationship stronger and more interesting. Men are expected to be the performer in the bedroom while women are usually the receiver of the one being pleased by men. If most women like being pleased, it is the same with […]


Signs of a Rebound Relationship

It could be a rebound relationship if you jump into a relationship right after a breakup. People who desperately need another person to fill the void left by an ex usually date a little too early than they should and end up with a rebound relationship. If you are in a romantic relationship just after […]


How to Avoid Rebound Relationship

After a breakup, it is not easy for most people to forget their exes and move on. People on this situation have different ways of coping with their pain. Some try drinking and partying, some drown themselves in working too much and some start dating a little too early. The latter coping strategy can be […]


7 Traits that Make a Woman Stand Out

With a lot of single women like you out there and most single men are already taken, the competition for single men is high. To succeed in dating, a woman should be capable of getting the attention of those single men. You must be noticeable to make him put attention on you. So what makes a woman stand out?


Dating A Man 10 Years Younger- What You Should Know

Meeting and attracting a much younger guy (someone a decade or more younger) when you are in your late 40s or early 50s can be flattering. Your friends may find it amazing and may push you to go for it but it can be really disturbing in reality. Dating a man 10 years younger brings a different high and excitement but it comes with some challenges too. May-December romance has its pros and cons.

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