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A toxic marriage can affect a person physically, mentally and emotionally. It is undeniable that a bad marriage is stressful and can affect one’s well-being. The amount of stress you…

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A little jealousy gives a relationship some spice but too much jealousy can be destructive in any romantic relationship. Jealousy occurs when a spouse feels threatened by a third person whom he or she believes is a rival and a threat to their relationship. Jealousy can either be healthy or unhealthy and it can be either be based on real threats or just imagined threats. Unhealthy jealousy which is usually unnecessary and unreasonable can ruin a marriage.

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All options and solutions must be exhausted and explored before considering leaving an unhappy marriage. As long as there is love and respect in a marriage, it is best to do something and fix an unhappy marriage to avoid the pain of divorce.

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Trust is important in a marriage and they have to trust each other despite the trials. Building trust in a relationship after an affair is very important because trust is essential to make the relationship last. A marriage without trust is bound to fail.

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Marriage is not always a bed of roses. A spouse could betray the trust in the marriage. Having an affair is the most devastating experience a marriage could go through. So how to survive after an affair?

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You and your spouse started as a couple full of love and hope who want to spend the rest of your lives together but now the relationship is not as smooth sailing as before and you are struggling to make the marriage work.
If your marriage is getting rocky, the following tips can be very helpful to survive a failing marriage.

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Dealing with a break up is not easy especially for women. Whether you are the one dumped or you are the one who ended the relationship, one thing is for sure, breaking up is painful. But the good news about break ups is that it is possible to reconcile with your ex-boyfriend after a break up.

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