Why You Lost Your Girlfriend (And How You Can Get Her Back)

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By Brad Browning

theexfactormenYeah, the feeling of getting dumped sucks. There’s no question about that. Sometimes, you can go crazy thinking about all the things that went wrong in your relationship.

But the bottom of the line is, the reason why your relationship ended is because your girlfriend’s lost attraction for you. No, it wasn’t because you left your dirty laundry around the house or that it’s “her, not you…”, it’s because the foundation of her attraction for you faded, and it’s your fault. Though there are ways you can “re-attract” your girlfriend (and I’ll get to that in a second), you have to first understand why she dumped you. Only then will you know how you can get her back.

This is what I like to call The Six Deadly Relationship Sins. Now, I’m not saying that you committed all of these mistakes, but chances are you probably exhibited at least one of these characteristics that pretty much forced your girlfriend to leave you (even if she’s claimed that she left you for another reason).

The first Deadly Sin is a common problem that over half of men have in their relationships – and that’s being way too controlling. Women are repelled by men that put unrealistic restraints on their lives. Though asserting your dominance in a relationship is important, you have to know exactly when “enough is enough”. If you don’t, then don’t be surprised that your girlfriend or wife left you.

The second Deadly Sin is a bit of a weird one, but always seeking external validity from your girlfriend is a huge attraction-breaker. What does that mean? It means that you constantly seek out your girlfriend’s approval. Asking questions like, “Do you love me? Do think I’m fit enough? Is my penis big enough for you? Did you have a good time?” repel women. It’s like saying to her that you aren’t confident enough or good enough… and this reeks of insecurity.

The third Deadly Sin is being jealous all the time. Were you jealous that she was flirting with other guys? Maybe she was hanging out with a guy friend that you felt a little suspicious about… Well, if you did exhibit this emotion, then again, don’t be surprised that your girlfriend lost some attraction for you. Jealousy is the ultimate form of insecurity.

So now that you know only some of the relationship killers, how do you go about “re-attracting” your girlfriend?

Well, it starts with employing some of my most powerful psychological techniques. Yes, even if things seem completely hopeless right now, you can get her back if you know what you’re doing.

Let me first introduce myself. My name is Brad Browning and I’m known as the “Relationship Geek.” I’ve been helping thousands of men across the globe win back their ex-girlfriends. My success rate is over 90%.

Even if you think your relationship with your ex girlfriend is completely torn, I can bet you there is a way to make her fall hopelessly in love with you again (or at least make her want to sleep with you again).

You see, what a lot of men do when they get dumped is start acting like complete wussies. They’ll start asking for forgiveness and start begging for second chances. If you’re guilty of one of these mistakes, then you better start listening to my advice… because chances are you’re doing something right now that is pushing your girlfriend further and further away into the arms of another man.

So do yourself a favor and check out my free video. In it, I’ll tell you exactly how you can get your ex girlfriend back as soon as possible… and I’ll go over some other Deadly Sins as well.

But you better check out this video quickly because I have extreme feminists groups protesting me to take it down. These women think the psychological techniques I use in this video are too manipulative (in other words, they work too well).

Click here to check out this video presentation.

Again, be quick about it before it’s taken down forever.

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Building Trust in a Relationship After an Affair

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Couples have to stand the test of time and have to go through a lot of trials to stay together. One of the most devastating trials a marriage could go through is an affair. A spouse’s betrayal through an affair could damage the trust in the marriage. Trust is important in a marriage and they have to trust each other despite the trials. Building trust in a relationship after an affair is very important because trust is essential to make the relationship last. A marriage without trust is bound to fail.

Building trust in a relationship after an affair can be very difficult but if you want to make your marriage work again and start anew, rebuilding trust in a marriage is very important. So how to restore trust again after an affair?

Tips for the spouse who was cheated on to be able to trust again after an affair.

Leave the past behind. Arguments and fights cannot be avoided in a marriage so fight fair. Stop bringing up past issues during arguments if you want to start building trust in a relationship after an affair. One of the most difficult things about restoring trust in a marriage after an affair is leaving the past behind. Rebuilding the trust in your relationship can be more difficult if you will keep mentioning the mistakes of the past. Let go of the hurt, anger and doubts if you want to move on and repair your damaged marriage. Leave the past behind and move forward.

Do not blame yourself. It is not your fault that your spouse cheated on you. Cheating is a personal decision and you have nothing to do with it, it is not your fault. Blaming yourself and thinking about the things you did wrong or the things that you should have done differently will not help you to trust your spouse again. In order to start building trust in a relationship after an affair, you have to stop blaming yourself.

Stop feeling worthless and insecure. One of the negative effects of being cheated on is the build-up of insecurities and the feeling that you are worthless. Do not let these negative feelings prevent you from trusting your spouse again. If your spouse is sincerely asking for a second chance, it is an indication that you are very important and your spouse do not want to let you go.

Respect your spouse’s privacy. There is no guarantee that your spouse will not cheat on you again and spying your spouse’s phone, social media and personal belongings will not prevent your spouse from committing infidelity again. You just have to trust your spouse and hold on to the fact that your spouse wants a second chance and doesn’t want to let go of your marriage. If you decided to give your spouse another chance, it doesn’t mean that you have the right to abuse your spouse and violate his or her privacy. Respect your spouse’s privacy and start anew.

Willingness to trust again. In building trust in a relationship after an affair, it is important that you are willing to trust again and move forward. Your willingness and strong desire to stay and keep your marriage for good will be your driving force to give your spouse another chance, restore the trust in your marriage and start anew.

Seek professional help. If you find it hard to get through this difficult stage in your marriage on your own, seek professional help. A marriage counselor can help you survive after an affair. It can be very helpful to talk to someone who can give you sound advice. Talking to people in a therapy group who have the same experiences can also help you get through this painful stage in your marriage. Before building trust in a relationship after an affair, you need to heal yourself first.

Tips for the spouse who had an affair to restore the trust after an affair.

Totally cut-off your affair with the other person. Of course, in order to restore the trust in your marriage, you have to end the affair with “the other person.” You cannot restore the trust in your marriage if you are still having an affair.

Keep your promises. If you are the one who cheated on your spouse, it is important to prove your sincerity to make the marriage work again and you can do this by keeping your promises. If you promised you’ll call then call your spouse, if you promised you’ll be home by dinner then be home for dinner. Keeping your promises is important if you want to be trusted again.

Own up to your mistakes. It is a bad move to blame your spouse for your cheating. Even if there are issues in your marriage that you felt pushed you to cheat, cheating your spouse was your own decision. You could have addressed the issues in your marriage without betraying your spouse but you chose to cheat on your spouse and that is a huge mistake. Stop being defensive, justifying your mistakes and blaming others, own up to your mistakes if you want to start building trust in a relationship after an affair.

Make a decision not to lie or betray your spouse again. Cheating can become a habit. Cheating your spouse over and over again can permanently damage your marriage and your chance to regain the trust of your spouse. If you want to keep your marriage and stay with your spouse then you have to make a decision not to cheat again.

Be patient. Building trust in a relationship after an affair is not an overnight thing, so give it some time and be patient. You can’t expect things to return to normal quickly. It takes time to change your spouse’s hurt feelings, distrust and suspicion to trust. Take things one step at a time and continuously work on rebuilding the trust in your marriage.

Tips for both spouses to restore the trust in the marriage after an affair.

Communication is the key. It can be tiring to hear that communication is important to bridge the gap between couples but it is true especially when couples need to fix their marriage after being devastated by an affair. Open and honest communication is necessary in building trust in a relationship after an affair. For the one who cheated, it is important to be transparent and willing to open up about the details of the affair to restore the trust in the relationship. The injured spouse should be open to talk about the affair and should not let emotions rule over him or her.

Work as a team. Moving forward after an affair is a joint effort for couples. Both spouses have their respective responsibilities to make the marriage work again. Couples should work as a team in building trust in the relationship after an affair.

Cheating does not have to lead to divorce. Is your marriage in trouble? Save your troubled marriage visit How to Survive an Affair


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How to Survive After an Affair

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surviveanaffairMarriage is not always a bed of roses. A spouse could betray the trust in the marriage. Having an affair is the most devastating experience a marriage could go through.

Can a marriage survive after an affair? It is not easy but yes, a marriage can still work after being shattered by an affair. Infidelity is one of the primary causes of divorce but a relationship can recover after an affair. So how to survive after an affair?

Couples should heal individually after an affair. For couples to survive after an affair, they need to heal themselves individually first.

If you’ve been cheated, it is normal to have the strong desire to confront the issue right away and demand answers why you’ve been cheated but that is not a good idea if you want to survive after an affair. It is best to deal with your own emotions first or else your emotions will rule over you. Work on healing your own pain first before confronting the issue. Healing yourself includes taking control of your emotions and setting your mind free from negative thoughts. You can make sound decisions and better judgment when you are in full control of your emotions and your mind is not clouded with negative thoughts.

The one who cheated needs to heal too because he or she has pains and emotions too that needs to be addressed. The guilt, embarrassment and the fear of totally losing the trust of his or her spouse are not easy to deal with. The one who cheated needs to reflect and heal to be able to survive after an affair.

Couples should heal together. To survive after an affair, you should heal together as a couple. After healing individually, you are now both in control of your emotions and more positive with the future of your marriage. Now is the time to heal together. Healing together as a couple includes addressing the details of the affair, forgiveness and working together to move on from the affair and regain the trust in your marriage. This is easier said than done but with great commitment, determination and the strong desire to rebuild your marriage, making the marriage work again after an affair is not impossible. If you find it hard to handle the issues in your marriage on your own, it is best to seek professional help. The most important thing is exhaust all possible solutions to be able to move on and survive after an affair.

Start anew and strengthen your marriage.
If you want to survive after an affair, it is necessary to leave the pain of the affair behind and focus on rebuilding and strengthening your relationship. After the storm, the sun will definitely shine. After your marriage has been shattered by an affair, now is the time to start anew. Start fresh with renewed trust and love to each other.

Is your marriage in trouble and you want to go through the step-by-step system of saving your marriage after an affair? Visit How to Survive an Affair



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How to Survive a Failing Marriage

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You and your spouse started as a couple full of love and hope and want to spend the rest of your lives together but now the relationship is not as smooth sailing as before and you are struggling to make the marriage work.

If your marriage is getting rocky, the following tips can be very helpful to survive a failing marriage.

Seek professional help as early as possible. When your marriage is getting stressful, you and your spouse are having constant fights and you both find it hard to connect with each other, it is best to seek professional help before you both get detached from each other. Marriage counselling can help you strengthen your connection but if you are already detached, it can be very hard to re-establish the connection. It is easier to survive a failing marriage when you seek help before the marriage becomes hopeless.

Make a list of the issues in your marriage. To survive a failing marriage it is important to make a list of all the issues in your marriage. Make a list of the things that often lead to arguments or fights including your spouse’s behavior and your reactions to these issues. Seeing your marital issues and how you and your spouse reacted to them on a list can help you see your relationship on a bigger picture. With the list, you can work on agreeable solutions to your marital issues and you can also see if there is a need to change each other’s reaction and behavior towards those issues. Being “right” is not important if you want to survive a failing marriage. What is important is that you are mature enough to accept accountability and willing to compromise to solve your marital issues.

Figure out how you could change for the better. Your spouse may get defensive if you keep asking him or her to change the behaviors that you hate. To survive a failing marriage, it is better to shift your focus on yourself. Figure out what you could do to change for the better and your positive transformation can eventually convey positive vibes to your spouse encouraging him or her to change for the better too.

Take negativity away from your marriage. Harboring negative feelings for your spouse is not helpful if you want to survive a failing marriage. Negative feelings and behavior like anger, blaming, accusations, criticisms, name calling, etc. are not helpful but they make the relationship more stressful. If you need to express your concerns, do it in a manner that it will not provoke your spouse to start an argument with you. One good rule about this is by using the word “I” instead of “You” to avoid sounding like you’re blaming or accusing your spouse. Instead of saying “You disappointed me…” try saying “I am disappointed…” There is a chance to resolve your issues more peacefully if you will try to be constructive and less harsh in airing your concerns. Stay on the calm and positive side to get a more positive reaction from your spouse.

Embrace positivity in your relationship. A person who is positive in his or her outlook and behavior invites positive reaction. Instead of dwelling on the negative things you dislike about your spouse, why not dwell on the positive things that you like about your spouse? Be more positive, appreciative, thoughtful and caring to your spouse. Kiss more, hug more, make love more and be more romantic with your spouse. Give more and you’ll get more in return.

Listen to your spouse’s concerns. Sometimes when people are getting too familiar with each other, they assume that they can read each other’s mind that they forgot to listen to their concerns and just assume what they’re thinking. Everybody wants to be heard and your spouse wants you to listen. Listen to your spouse’s concern and work on solutions agreeable to both of you. If you can’t arrive to mutually agreeable solutions, agree to disagree or find a middle ground and compromise. Maybe all it takes to survive a failing marriage is to listen and give your spouse a chance to air his or her concerns.

Stay faithful or practice fidelity. Cheating or infidelity can ruin a marriage. If you are having an affair, get help and get out from that situation if you really want to survive a failing marriage. Rebuilding trust in your marriage after an affair is not easy and you may need professional help. Although most marriages end up in divorce after an affair, there’s a handful of couples who survived and saved their marriage through marriage counselling. It is better to exhaust all possible solutions before giving up on your marriage. As long as there is commitment and willingness to start anew, nothing is impossible.

Keeping a marriage needs a lot of work and couples should continue working on their relationship everyday to make it last. Improve your marriage and stop divorce visit Save Your Marriage Today



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Reconcile with Your Ex Boyfriend After a Break Up

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Dealing with a break up is not easy especially for women. Whether you are the one dumped or you are the one who ended the relationship, one thing is for sure, breaking up is painful. But the good news about break ups is that it is possible to reconcile with your ex-boyfriend after a break up.

Rekindling a broken romance is not easy but it is not impossible. The following tips can be very helpful if you want to get your ex back.

Collect yourself and get back on your feet. Breaking up could damage your self-esteem and could push you to isolate yourself and suffer from emotional pain.  If you want to reconcile with your ex-boyfriend, you have to come to your senses first, get back on your feet and do not let your emotions rule over you. Go out and meet friends or meet new people. Focus on yourself first and rebuild your broken self-esteem before trying to rekindle your broken relationship. Reconciling with an ex is not that hard if you are already in control of your emotions.

Look back and identify the reasons why the relationship ended. You cannot repair a broken relationship unless you know what causes it to get broken in the first place. This is not the time to blame your ex but this is the time to reflect and look at how you behaved in your relationship. What have you done wrong? It may help to list down common complaints or concerns of your ex-boyfriend about you. Making a list will help you see what went wrong and it can help you think what you need to do to reconcile with your ex-boyfriend.

Analyze the issues in your relationship. You already listed the issues in your relationship, if you really want to reconcile with your ex-boyfriend, now is the time to go through the issues one by one to know what you can do about those issues. For instance, if too much jealousy was a constant source of arguments in your relationship, think of ways on how to manage your emotions and how you won’t be consumed by too much jealousy again. Jealousy can be beneficial in a relationship but if it’s too much it can ruin a relationship. If being clingy is your problem, you may need to widen your network of friends and do not limit yourself only in the company of your boyfriend. Men can feel suffocated and may push you away if you always check on them.

Communicate with your ex-boyfriend about reconciliation. Of course before doing this you have to make sure that you both have cooled down and emotionally stable. It is also important that you both have to be committed to work on the issues on your relationship. Face the problems that led to your break up and work on the solutions to create a better and happier relationship.

Of course you have to prepare yourself that things may not happen the way you planned it. So what if things didn’t happen the way to want it? Find out how to make your ex-boyfriend want you back? Visit The Ex Recovery System


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Win Love Back – 5 Simple Strategies to Win Love Back

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Love may be a truly fickle emotion, and it may seem to flame out just as quickly and as easily as it was originally ignited, but this does not mean that you cannot win love back after a bad break up. When outside factors like money and work get in the way, stress can be created in a relationship. Following a break up, it may seem impossible for you to win love back, but this is not the case.

Once relationship problems build and the relationship crumbles, learning to win love back does not become impossibility. There are definitely a number of different things that you can do in order to win love back, you simply need to know what to do. It is much, much easier for you to win love back than to find love in the first place. Consider these basic strategies for learning to win love back next time your relationship ends against your will.

  • If you want to win love back, you need to learn how to be honest at all times. Distrust is one of the biggest causes of problems in relationships, meaning that honesty is vitally important in learning to win love back.
  • If you want to win love back, you need to learn how to be dependable. Nothing tends to be more deflating than being with someone who is completely undependable. If you are not dependable, you will never learn to win love back.
  • If you want to win love back, you need to learn how to be encouraging to your lover. Love is all about appreciating one another for who you actually are, and this is vital to learning to win love back. The more encouraging that you are, the more receptive your ex will be when you decide that it is time to win love back.
  • If you want to win love back, you need to learn how to listen. Communication is one of the most vital ingredients in learning to win love back because no relationship can last without communication. Communication is the core of every relationship and also a vital element of learning how you can win love back.
  • If you want to win love back, you need to know how to take the appropriate action. All relationships have both ups and downs for you to contend with. Learning how to take the appropriate actions accordingly is vital to your success in learning how to win love back.

These five simple strategies are really all you need to learn how to win love back. If you have some basic patience and dedication to the cause, you too can win love back following a bad break up. Keep in mind that no matter how bad the break up is, you can fix it if you really, truly want to. These five simple tips will make all the difference.

If you are suffering from a recent break-up and want to fix your broken relationship, visit Ex Back System for Guys and Ex Back System for Girls 


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Want Ex Back? What to Do When You Want Ex Back

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The love that you once shared with your ex was special, and you may sometimes feel like you would be a great deal happier if they were in your life again. If you feel as if you want ex back, it may be wise for you to consider devising a game plan before you take any action without thinking. There are many different reasons for why a relationship may be dissolved, and a number of different ways to reverse it if you want ex back.

If you think that you and your ex are still right for each other, and you are sure what you want ex back, then here are some suggestions for what you can do. These five suggestions will help you respond to your feelings that you want ex back.

1 – If you want ex back, you need to clear your energy from other people and influences. If you are serious about rekindling things because you want your ex back, then you need to clear your calendar so that you have time for your ex rather than whoever else you are seeing or hanging out with at the time.

2 – If you want ex back, you are going to have to be willing to maintain your dignity. You should not be selling your soul simply because you want someone back. Even if you want ex back, you should never allow your dignity to be lost, but instead you should take the right steps and make the right moves to rekindle things properly.

3 – If you want ex back, you are going to have to be willing to facilitate appreciation for one another. You should appreciate your ex, and your ex should appreciate you. If you do not appreciate each other, then no amount of wanting your ex back is ever going to turn that want into a reality.

4 – If you want ex back, you might want to consider experiencing a change in scenery. Stop tracing the same break up and get back together plan with your ex. If you really want ex back, then you need to consider getting a change of scenery. Escape your problems for a while by taking your relationship out of its normal, worn out and old patterns in favor of something new and more facilitating of a good healthy relationship.

5 – If you really want ex back, you are going to have to facilitate a shared feeling of destiny. If you really want ex back, then you are going to need to create what is essentially a shared sense of destiny because life is something that we are responsible for creating as we go along. The couples that tend to work the best are those that take their fate into their very own hands.

If you really want ex back, the five steps mentioned above will truly make all the difference.

If you are suffering from a recent break-up and want your ex back, visit Ex Back System for Guys and Ex Back System for Girls 


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Learn to Win Ex Back- Easy System for Scoring Back Your Ex

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Are you dying to learn to win ex back following a breakup? Both breakup and divorce can cause a great deal of anger and pain, yet we often find a way to rekindle things. The feeling of wanting to win ex back is a strong one, and it is a common one.

It is perfectly normal for us to want to rekindle things with a lost love, even if the relationship fell apart because of serious problems or differences. So regardless of what situation is in place, how can you learn to win ex back?

There are two types of people who can help you learn from your experience and your endeavor to win ex back. These people are the ones who have successfully one their lovers back, as well as paid specialists and love consultants.

Consulting either of these groups will give you some solid advice on what will make it possible to win ex back. Just because you have had a bad break up, that does not mean that you cannot find a way to make things work again.

It is actually much easier to speak to real people who have been there and done that, than to a pay a specialist to give you canned information about making relationships work. Instead, it would be good for you to talk to people who have been there and survived the process of learning to win ex back.

If you are serious about learning how to win ex back, find people who have already walked the beaten path and solicit them for their advice. They probably have a thing or two to say to you about how to make this process easier.

Studies as well as research have been done about reconciliation success stories. It appears that there are a number of common elements between many of these success stories. In other words, you can learn a lot from people who have already mastered the art of learning to win ex back.

What can you learn when you speak to someone who has already learned to win ex back? You can learn what motivated them to see if your intentions are pure, you can learn what they did to win ex back and you can learn some techniques to employ for making your endeavor successful as well.

Armed with the right information, you too can learn how to win ex back. It really is not a difficult process, but it takes some knowledge and understanding of the process in order to be successful. Rushing in too quickly can be detrimental to the process. If you think through your actions when working to win ex back, you will have much greater successes as a result.

If you are suffering from a recent break-up and want your ex back, visit Ex Back System for Guys and Ex Back System for Girls 


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Valuable Advice and Tips on Winning Back Ex-Girlfriends

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Breaking up with a woman you are still very much in love with is a devastating experience. Anyone who has been in that situation knows the pain that is involved. It feels as though an important part of you is missing and it can be difficult to find the motivation to get up and face the day without her love. Unsurprisingly it is not difficult to find tips on winning back ex-girlfriends. There are countless articles and books devoted to the subject of getting back with exes. Furthermore, your friends and family may also offer their suggestions. The problem is that tips on winning back ex-girlfriends can be contradictory. How do you decide which tips on winning back ex-girlfriends are worth acknowledging? The truth is that winning back an ex can be difficult and if you go with your initial gut instincts you could actually drive her away for good.

What to Avoid

One of the most valid tips on winning back ex-girlfriends concerns pleading. The first thing you feel like doing is phoning or emailing her to tell her you still love her and cannot live without her. This will just make your ex think that you are desperate and needy, and nothing is more repelling to a woman. If you get back with your ex it should be because you want to be with her, not because you need her.

Another of the more valuable tips on winning back ex-girlfriends is to avoid using Machiavellian tactics. Do not try to bribe or blackmail your ex into getting back together with you. Do not play mind games or threaten to harm yourself if she won’t have you back. Do not give her flowers or promise her that you are going to change. Do not date other women for the sole purpose of trying to make her jealous. Women can see right through these tricks and games and they are not at all impressed by them.

What You Should Do

If you pester your ex or refuse to give her any space after you break up she will be glad that you are no longer together. Those tips on winning back ex-girlfriends that suggest that you avoid all contact for a while are very valid. Give your ex a chance to miss you and wonder if she made the right decision when she decided to break up with you. Do not email her, call her or go to the places you know she is likely to be for at least one month after you break up.

Do ask yourself questions about why you and your ex broke up. What were the main reasons that the breakup happened? Were you considerate towards your girlfriend and did you pay due attention to the things she said? Did you devote enough time to her? Was there any flaw that she said you needed to work on? Unless you acknowledge the real reasons behind the breakup and endeavor to work on them there is no sense in getting back together.

Of all tips on winning back ex-girlfriends the most important is to avoid becoming depressed. Do not sit at home agonizing about the past as this is counterproductive. Instead socialize and do the things you used to do before you were with her. Become the man you were when she was first attracted to you. If she eventually calls you then meet up with her and be friendly, but stay cool and collected.

But if you are suffering from a recent break-up and want your ex back, visit Ex Back System for Guys

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I Lost Love- Dealing with the End of a Relationship

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I always find myself thinking about events where I lost love, and trying to learn from those experiences in order to do better next time, and move on with greater understanding of love than before. There are stages in my life where I am sure that I lost love, and when this happened I truly felt as if my entire life was over. However, each and every time that I lost love in the past, it turns out that I was capable of moving on with time and patience.

I think that we all have to remember that there is a spontaneous lifespan to love just like with every other emotion that we experience. I have found it important to realize this in every event that I lost love in the past. As we get older and more experienced, the lifespan of our relationships and our loves is capable of increasing. Each time that I lost love, I realize the lifespan of the relationship was longer than the last, or the results of the relationship were greater or more meaningful than before.

One of the experiences that you may have is an event where a lost love is destined to be rekindled. Sometimes in events where I lost love, it turned out later that some of these relationships could be brought back to life through dedication and hard work. Rekindling a relationship after I lost love was never simple, but it was often worthwhile in situations where I still cared about the person that I had lost.

Everyone experiences situations where they want to yell “I lost love!”, and these break ups often seem like the end of the world. The truth is, however, that they are not the end of the world, and you will move on. Every time that I lost love, it turns out there was something better waiting for me, and I simply had to be patient and understanding while I waited for it to come along and take me by surprise.

If I wrote relationships off each and every time I lost love, then I would have missed out on a lot of truly wonderful experiences that I am now quite thankful for having. Losing love is often difficult to deal with, but it is well worth getting over and moving on past when you consider the other loves that you will encounter in your lifetime, and the other wonderful relationships that you will have.

Next time you feel like it’s the end of the world because you have lost a loved one to a break up, just remember that there are plenty of other fish in the sea, and many of them are looking for true love just as much as you are. Open yourself up to these relationships and you will truly benefit in the end.

But if you are suffering from a recent break-up and want your ex back, visit Ex Back System for Guys and Ex Back System for Girls 


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